Try global hooking in Java using the JNativeHook library

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Try it for the time being (click the key)

import org.jnativehook.GlobalScreen;
import org.jnativehook.NativeHookException;
import org.jnativehook.keyboard.NativeKeyEvent;
import org.jnativehook.keyboard.NativeKeyListener;

public class Example implements NativeKeyListener {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        //If not hooked
        if (!GlobalScreen.isNativeHookRegistered()) {
            try {
                //Register hook
            } catch (NativeHookException e) {
        //Register key listener
        GlobalScreen.addNativeKeyListener(new Example());

    //When you press a key
    public void nativeKeyPressed(NativeKeyEvent e) {
    //When you release the key
    public void nativeKeyReleased(NativeKeyEvent e) {

    //When you type the key
    public void nativeKeyTyped(NativeKeyEvent e) {

This code allows you to have a key listener for all running threads, not just the thread running this code.

The event will occur no matter which software you press the key on, such as Chrome or Minecraft.

Also, each key event constant is the same as each java.awt.event.KeyListener constant.

What about other listeners?

//Mouse listener

//Mouse motion listener

//Mouse wheel listener

And mouse related listeners are available.

Erase the log

By default, a considerable amount of logs are output, so if you do not need it LogManager.getLogManager().reset(); Let's add even around the main method.

Make the event a textual representation

There is a paramString () method, so let's use it.

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