[Ruby on Rails] How to use redirect_to


After the process is finished (not finished) in the controller I have to think about which page to transition to, Use redirect_to at that time.

What is redirect_to

It is a method that can transition to the specified URL.

Basic writing

redirect_to "Redirect destination"

Actual code

We will update this code as soon as it is available.

Specified by URL

redirect_to "https://qiita.com/japwork"

Specify by path name

redirect_to root_path

Specified by action name

redirect_to action: :index

Specified by action name of different controller

redirect_to controller: :post, action: :index

Go back to previous page

redirect_to :back

Redirect the same page

redirect_to request.referer

Display a message on success


redirect_to  root_path, notice: 'Success'


<%= notice %>

Difference from render

redirect_to executes an action and displays the view corresponding to that action.

render displays the view without taking any action. If the view has an instance variable to be acquired by the action, an error will occur.


By using it together with the if statement, the transition destination can be changed and displayed depending on the result. You need to know the various methods. In addition to the above, there is also a status code, so if you are interested, please check it out.

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