Ruby Regular Expression Extracts from a specific string to a string

Ruby regular expression How to extract from a specific string to a string

[Name] Hogefuga [Raw materials] Hogehoge, Fugafuga, Mogemoge [Contents] Hogehoge (60g x 100 pieces) x 7 bags [Delivery method] Fugafu ga delivery [Expiration date] Date of manufacture [Sales / Provider] Fugafuga Sales Office

I was a little addicted to how to write a regular expression when trying to extract only a specific character string from ↑, so I will introduce it

When you want to get only the contents of [Contents]("Hogehoge (60g x 100 pieces) x 7 bags")



str = "[Name] Hogehoge [Raw materials] Hogehoge, Fugafuga, Mogemoge [Contents] Hogehoge(60g x 100 pieces)× 7 bags [Delivery method] Fugafuga delivery [Expiration date] Hogehoge day from the date of manufacture [Sales / providers] Fugafuga sales office"

str[/【Internal capacity】(.*?)【Shipping method】/, 1]

#Output result:"Hogehoge(60g x 100 pieces)× 7 bags"

Commentary (not so much ...)

[/ [Contents](. *?) [Delivery method] /, 1] [/ From here onwards! The character string (. *?) So far! String /] It means [/ character string ① (. *?) Character string ② /].

What is ~, 1]

If you want to get the result without arguments, set the second argument to 1. If the second argument is 0 or not specified [Contents] Hogehoge (60g x 100 pieces) x 7 bags [Delivery method] Will be returned.


[/ Character string ① (. *?) Character string ② /, 1]

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