[JAVA] The illusion of object orientation

The object is Manusa!


This article is an article that I would like to deliver to those who are surrounded by the illusion of object orientation. I'm object-oriented! This is an article I want the brave man to read.

Object-oriented illusion 1

** I'm doing Java, so I'm using objects! ** **

・ ・ ・

There is no such reason.

Java also adopts multi-paraguim and can be coded in the following styles.

The reason why Java = object-oriented is I've used the word ** object-oriented ** as a marketing term to spread Java. Java itself was the culprit who increased the number of people who did not understand object orientation correctly.

Object-oriented illusion 2

** Create a data class, create a logic class, and classify each role properly ** ** I'm object-oriented! ** **

・ ・ ・

It's procedural.

This is the traditional development style Because there are many ** function split type ** styles in which the person in charge is separated for each function and development is performed for each function. It is thought that it has come to be used with high affinity with the procedural type.

Koroske named Manuha!

To put it simply, object-oriented is:

** Implement data class and logic class in the same class **

This is essentially the "changeability" that object-oriented aims at.

What exactly is "changeability"?

Object-orientation Class A (logic + data) B class (logic + data)

** Procedural ** Data class α Class A (logic) that uses data class α B class (logic) that uses data class α

In this case, if the data class is modified, In the procedural type that reuses the same data class Both A class and B class will need to be repaired and tested.

In the case of object-oriented, even if the A class is modified B class does not fluctuate.

This is the essence of object orientation.

Is there anyone who has read this far and can say that they are using object-oriented programming?

If you have read this far and are interested in object orientation, please see below. For those who want to use object-oriented programming properly (Software Design separate volume)

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