[RUBY] How to handle sign-in errors with devise


Use devise to manage users and handle errors in new registrations It was easy with the render method, but I couldn't handle the sign-in error, so I'll investigate and summarize it.

How to get a sign-in error message in devise


<%= alert %>

Describe where you want to display.

With this description, when an error occurs, a message such as "The password is incorrect" is displayed. It seems that it is not possible to display how many errors there are and which part is the error, as in the case of new registration.

How to translate devise error messages into Japanese

If you want to display the error message in Japanese, Create a devise.ja.yml file in config / locales and Paste this.


It's a complete mystery why you only have to use this method for sign-in and why you can get an error message with it.

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