[RUBY] I want you to put the story that the error was solved when you stabbed the charger in the corner of your head


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It's an article that isn't honest, but I thought it would be good for someone by any chance.


While dealing with programming errors as a mentor, I encountered the following error.

When I tried to run RSpec using Rails 5.2.4, I don't remember the details as cannot load such file --spec_helper (LoadError), but some NameError occurred at the same time.

After confirming that all the file / folder names and directory locations set by the students were correct, I had the application uploaded to github once, and then cloned it on my PC and tried it through a test.

Ironically, the test passed successfully in my environment. I was wondering what happened and what the settings were different. .. ..

To solve ...

At that time, I was talking on Zoom and noticed that the student's PC had only one digit left to charge, and that I was almost fully charged. ** The student went to pick up the charger, plugged it into his PC and ran the test again. ** **

As a result, the test was executed without any error ...

I didn't think so, but there was another person besides me who was checking at the same time, so I definitely didn't code at all.

Is there such an influence such as PC performance? I thought. If nothing can be done, I wondered if it would be a good last resort to run the program after fully charging it.

I couldn't find a similar article, so I left it for the time being. If you have any details, please leave a comment.

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