[Swift5] How to create a .gitignore file and the code that should be written by default

What is .gitignore

In summary, .gitignore is a file that does not upload code to git (Github) that may cause problems if it is known to others such as APIKey.

It is treated as part of security.

How to create a .gitignore file

Move to the target project directory in the terminal and create a file with the following command

% touch .gitignore   

Open the created file with the following command

% open .gitignore     

Write the following code in the opened file

# Xcode

# CocoaPod

# others

Also, if you create .gitignore in the middle of development (if you have already committed to git), Set all files out of git once with the following command

 git rm -r --cached .

Next, set it as the target of git again

git add . 

By executing these two commands, the files registered in .gitignore will not be uploaded even during development.

However, I've never had a hard time creating a .gitignore file right after creating a project.


As the default setting of Mac, files starting with . (Dot) can no longer be viewed, so even if you create a .gitignore file, it will not be displayed in Finder etc. (So ​​open from the terminal)

If you want to check it properly with Finder etc., please refer to How to show/hide hidden files in Finder on Mac.

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