[Introduction to Java] Variable declarations and types

I'm a fledgling programmer for the first year. This is a collection of personal notes that have been organized and published for review purposes. Please note that there is a high possibility that you are wrong.

Variable declaration

int number;     //Declare variable number of type int
String str;     //Declare a variable str of type String
int[] list;     //Declaration of array list of int type
ArrayList<String> arrList;     // ArrayList<String>Declare the variable arrList of the class

--Declare in the order of type variables

Initialization / instantiation

int number = 27;     //Variable initialization (assigning a value for the first time)
String str = "hello";     //String type initialization, string""Enclose with (double quotation marks)
int[] list = new int[3]     //Creating an array
List<String> arrList = new ArrayList<String>();     //Instantiation of ArrayList class

--If not initialized, the initial value is set to 0 for numeric types such as int and double, false for boolean type, and null for reference type. --Learn later what the instance is

Declaration of constants

final int NUMBER = 5;

--If final is added, it becomes a constant and an error occurs when trying to assign a value. --By convention, constants are often capitalized.

Type of type

    1. Primitive type: 8 types
Primitive type Contents size range
long Large number 64bit -9223372036854775808 ~ 9223372036854775807
int Normal number 32bit -2147483648 ~ 2147483647
shot Small number 16bit -32768 ~ 32767
byte Very small number 8bit -128 ~ 127
double Decimal 64bit about(-)3.40282347E+38(about6~7桁の精度)
float Decimal numbers with relatively low precision 32bit (-)1.79769313486231570E+388 (15-digit precision)
boolean True or false 16bit true or false
char 1 Unicode character 1bit \u0000 ~ \uFFFF
  1. Reference type (reference type): Class

--Typical example is String class, reference type if not primitive type

reference) About Java Primitive Types and Reference Types


System.out.print((int)3.2);     //The result is 3

--Forcibly perform type conversion by explicitly performing type conversion --It seems that it is not used much because data is lost.

Type conversion between character string and number

--String → Numerical value



--Numeric value → character string




I wrote a lot, but I thought it would be better to see Java Road. So let's look at this (round throw).

-Variable -Basic type conversion and cast

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