[RUBY] [Rails] strftime this and that


I'm currently creating a matching app with Rails, but I use strftime a lot, so I'll summarize how to write it so that you can see it immediately.

What is strftime?

It is a method that can display the date and time data in the view as you like.

let's try it

This time we will do it with created_at.

This is the default. It seems that +0900 at the back is not used. 2020-05-22 16:11:01 +0900

created_at.strftime("%Y-%-m-%-d %-H:%M")

#Display 2020-5-28 20:25

You can convert the character string like this. The symbols are not arranged properly. Lol

I have attached a part of the form below. If you want to know more, please click here. Source pikawaka

Format Return value Description
%Y 2019 Obtain the year as a 4-digit number * "0001" for the first year of the year
%m 01 Be sure to get the month as a two-digit number (01)-12)
%-m 1 Get the month as a 1- or 2-digit number (1)-12)
%d 01 Be sure to get the date in 2 digits (01), 02 ... )
%-d 1 Get the date in 1 or 2 digits (1), 2 ... 10, 11 ...)
%H 12 Always get the 24-hour time in 2 digits (00)-23)
%-H 12 Get the 24-hour time in 1 or 2 digits (0)-23)
%I 12 Get the 12-hour time in 1 or 2 digits (1)-12)
%M 00 Get minutes (00)-59)
%S 00 Get seconds (00)-60) * 60 is a leap second

Thank you very much!

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