Java8 to start now ~ Optional ~

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Optional is a class that handles things that may or may not have non-null values. ʻOptional ` is a type that may or may not have some string

Generate Optional

Has no value

Optional emptyCase = Optional.empty();

Generate an empty Optional

Must have a value

Optional presentCase = Optional.of("example");

Generate Optional with value If you pass null as an argument, you will get a NullPointerException

May or may not have value

Optional nullableNullCase = Optiona.ofNullable(null);
Optional nullableNotNullCase = Optiona.ofNullable("example");

Generates an empty Optional if the argument is null, otherwise creates an Optional with the argument value

Use of Optional

Determine if there is a value

isPresent Returns true if it has a value, false otherwise

Optional presentCase = Optional.of("example");
presentCase.isPresent();  // true

Optional emptyCase = Optional.empty();
emptyCase.isPresent();  // false

ifPresent If it has a value, it executes the argument Consumer with the value as an argument, otherwise it does nothing.

Optional presentCase = Optional.of("example");
presentCase.ifPresent(s -> {System.out.println(s)});  //To standard output"example"And output

Optional emptyCase = Optional.empty();
emptyCase.ifPresent(s -> {System.out.println(s)});  //do nothing

Get the value

get If it has a value, it returns that value, otherwise it throws a NoSuchElementException

Optional presentCase = Optional.of("example");
presentCase.get();                    // example

Optional emptyCase = Optional.empty();
emptyCase.get();                      //NoSuchElementException occurs

Use if you expect to have a value If you don't have a value and want to use the default value, you should use the following ʻor Else`

orElse If it has a value, it returns that value, otherwise it returns the value specified by the argument.

Optional presentCase = Optional.of("example");
presentCase.orElse("default");                    // example

Optional emptyCase = Optional.empty();
emptyCase.orElse("default");                      // default

orElseGet If it has a value, it returns that value, otherwise it returns the result of the Supplier specified by the argument.

Optional presentCase = Optional.of("example");
presentCase.orElseGet(() -> {"default"});          // example

Optional emptyCase = Optional.empty();
emptyCase.orElseGet(() -> {"default"});           // default

The difference from ʻorElse` is whether you pass the default value directly or express it in a lambda expression.

orElseThrow If it has a value, it returns that value, otherwise it throws an exception with the Supplier specified by the argument.

Use the value

map If it has a value, it applies the argument mapping function to that value and returns an Optional that describes the result if the result is not null. Otherwise it returns an empty Optional

Optional<String> presentCase = Optional.of("example,1,exp");
Optional<String[]> result = -> name.split(",")); // [example, 1, exp]

Optional<String> emptyCase = Optional.empty();
Optional<String[]> result = emptyCase .map(name -> name.split(",")); //Empty Optional

filter Works like a Stream API filter Returns the original Optional if the argument lambda expression condition is met, otherwise returns an empty Optional

Optional<String> presentCase =Optional.of("example");
Optional<String> match = presentCase.filter(exp -> exp.length() == 7); // "example"

Optional<String> notMatch = presentCase.filter(exp -> exp.length() != 7); //Empty Optional

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