[DOCKER] Install the IBM Cloud CLI in the container


Install IBM Cloud CLI in the Docker container and build a CLI development environment that does not pollute the local environment. This time we will create a container using the latest CentOS image. As a prerequisite, Docker Desktop is installed.


Container preparation

Get image of CentOS 8

docker pull centos:latest

Create and start a container from the acquired image

docker run -it -d --name ibmcloud centos:latest

Checking the running container

docker ps

Connect inside the container

docker exec -it <CONTAINER ID> bash

yum update

yum check-update

IBM Cloud CLI installation

The official CLI installation method is here (https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/cli?topic=cli-getting-started)

Install the which command

yum which

See here (https://qiita.com/Masayuki-M/items/6e7d541b1627f55df221) for the reason to install which.

CLI installation

curl -sL https://ibm.biz/idt-installer | bash

Confirm CLI installation

ibmcloud -v

Save container

Make a container an image

docker commit <CONTAINER ID> ibmcloud 


With the above procedure, you have created a container that can execute the ibmcloud command. The last image save eliminates the need to reinstall the CLI after a reboot.

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