How to switch Java in the OpenJDK era on Mac

Install Java using SDKMAN! and switch with it.

[Addition] Install Bash 4 series or more

When using SKDMAN! With Bash on Mac, 4 or more Bash was required, so install it in a timely manner.

$ brew install bash
$ sudo vim /etc/shells
At the end/usr/local/bin/Add bash
$ chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash

Finally restart the terminal

* When bash does not switch

If / usr / local / bin / bash doesn't come first in the result below,

$ which -a bash

Check / etc / paths and move / usr / lobal / bin before / bin.



Also, if the chsh execution result is chsh: no changes made, change it from the Mac system environment settings. (It may have changed when confirmed)

Installing SDKMAN!

$ curl -s "" | bash
$ source "$HOME/.sdkman/bin/"

Java installation

If you just want to install it, run sdk install java to get the latest OpenJDK.

$ sdk install java
==== BROADCAST =================================================================
* 2019-04-02: Vertx 3.7.0 released on SDKMAN! #vertx
* 2019-03-28: Micronaut 1.1.0.RC2 released on SDKMAN! #micronautfw
* 2019-03-28: Gradle 5.3.1 released on SDKMAN! #gradle

Downloading: java 11.0.2-open

In progress...

######################################################################## 100.0%

Repackaging Java 11.0.2-open...

Done repackaging...
Cleaning up residual files...

Installing: java 11.0.2-open
Done installing!

Setting java 11.0.2-open as default.

Set JAVA_HOME if necessary.


export JAVA_HOME=$HOME/.sdkman/candidates/java/current
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

I want to select a version

1. Search

Find the version you want to install and install Java

$ sdk list java
Available Java Versions
     13.ea.14-open       8.0.202-amzn                                           
     12.0.0-zulu         8.0.202.j9-adpt                                        
     12.0.0-open         8.0.202.hs-adpt                                        
     11.0.2-sapmchn      8.0.202-zulufx                                         
     11.0.2-zulu         8.0.201-oracle                                         
 > * 11.0.2-open         7.0.181-zulu                                           
     11.0.2-amzn         1.0.0-rc-14-grl                                        
     11.0.2.j9-adpt      1.0.0-rc-13-grl                                        
     11.0.2.hs-adpt      1.0.0-rc-12-grl                                        
     11.0.2-zulufx       1.0.0-rc-11-grl                                        
     10.0.2-zulu         1.0.0-rc-10-grl                                        
     10.0.2-open         1.0.0-rc-9-grl                                         
     9.0.7-zulu          1.0.0-rc-8-grl                                         

+ - local version
* - installed
> - currently in use

2. Install

$ sdk install java 8.0.202-amzn

3. Set the version

Change only specific terminals

$ sdk use java 8.0.202-amzn

Change the default of the JDK to use

$ sdk default java 8.0.202-amzn

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