Call Visual Recognition in Watson Java SDK

Watson Java SDK


		VisualRecognition service = new VisualRecognition("2016-05-20");

		System.out.println("Classify an image");

		//Local upload is also possible
		// ClassifyOptions options = new ClassifyOptions.Builder()
		// .imagesFile(new File("file/662s.jpg "))
		// .build();

		//Specify the image URL
		String url = " ";

		ClassifyOptions options = new ClassifyOptions.Builder() //
		ClassifiedImages result = service.classify(options).execute();
		// System.out.println(result);

		List<ClassifiedImage> images = result.getImages();

		for (ClassifiedImage image : images) {

			List<ClassifierResult> cr = image.getClassifiers();
			for (ClassifierResult r : cr) {
				// System.err.println(r.getName());
				List<ClassResult> cc = r.getClasses();
				for (ClassResult c : cc) {
					// System.err.println("ClassResult : " + c);
					System.err.println("ClassName : " + c.getClassName());
					System.err.println("Score : " + c.getScore());
					System.err.println("TypeHierarchy : " + c.getTypeHierarchy());

The output result looks like the following.

ClassName : woman at work Score : 0.654 TypeHierarchy : /person/woman at work --- ClassName : person Score : 0.854 TypeHierarchy : null --- ClassName : pharmacist Score : 0.599 TypeHierarchy : /person/pharmacist --- ClassName : bluestocking Score : 0.595 TypeHierarchy : /person/female/woman/bluestocking --- ClassName : woman Score : 0.666 TypeHierarchy : null --- ClassName : female Score : 0.667 TypeHierarchy : null --- ClassName : maiden Score : 0.5 TypeHierarchy : /person/female/woman/girl/maiden --- ClassName : girl Score : 0.516 TypeHierarchy : null --- ClassName : gray color Score : 0.96 TypeHierarchy : null ---

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