[RAILS] [chown] How to change the owner of a file or directory

What is the chown command?

A command to change the ownership of a user or group of files or directories.

$ chown [option]User or group file or directory

How to use

  1. Check the ownership of the user group of the target file.

$ ls -l
#=> -rw-rw-r— 1 sample sample 47 May 21 08:42 test1.htmle.erb
  1. To change user ownership, do the following:

$ chown root test1.htmle.erb

$ ls -l
#=> -rw-rw-r— 1 root samurai 47 May 21 08:42 test1.htmle.erb
  1. If you want to change the ownership of the group, put a semicolon ":" in the argument to make "User: Group".

$ chown root:root test1.htmle.erb

$ ls -l
#=> -rw-rw-r— 1 root root 47 May 21 08:42 test1.htmle.erb

Option list

option Explanation
-c Show details if owner information changes
-f Do not display error message
-h Also change ownership of symbolic links
-R Also change ownership in the directory
-v Display details of owner change information (even if not changed)

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