[For beginners] How to get the Ruby delayed railway line name

I'm studying ruby right now. I will write it here as a record.

Program overview

  1. Get the delayed railway information from Json of railway delay information
  2. Ask them to enter the route name you want to check if it is delayed
  3. Based on the text information, search if there is a corresponding route in the obtained json information
  4. If there is a corresponding route, output delay information ant. If not, output as not applicable


require 'open-uri'
require 'nokogiri'  #Gem for scraping
require 'json'  #Call to use json

#Parse the url
url = 'http://tetsudo.rti-giken.jp/free/delay.json'
html = open(url).read  
doc = Nokogiri::HTML(html, url)

#Parse to Json format and convert to hash
hash = JSON.parse doc.css("body").inner_text

#Enter the route name you want to check as standard and input_Store in train
puts "Please enter the route for which you want to know the delay status.Example: Keihin Tohoku Line"
input_train = gets.chomp

# delayed_prepare trains array variable
delayed_trains = Array.new
# input_Delayed route name containing train string and updated date / time delayed_Store in trains
hash.each {|train| delayed_train << train["name"] + \
            '(Update date and time: ' + Time.at(train["lastupdate_gmt"], in: "+09:00").strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S").to_s + ')' \
            if train["name"].include? input_train }

#If the array is empty, there is no route to be delayed, otherwise the route name is output.
if delayed_trains.empty?
  puts "Send me "#{input_train}There is no delay in the routes that include the characters"
  puts delayed_trains.join(",") + "Seems to be delayed\n Please see the railway company website for details."

There are some articles that have created parrot return with LINE BOT, but if you refer to it and put in this algorithm, I think that you can make LINE BOT that will answer if you ask the route you want to ask if it is delayed. ..

After all, I am studying and motivated to make what I make into a shape.

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