Easy to trip with Java regular expressions


Here are some points to stumble upon with Java regular expressions.

I feel that people who often use regular expressions in other languages are addicted to it.

Escape character

Use the escape character \ when writing escape sequences.

However, if you want to express a "backslash" with a Java String type, you need to use one of the escape sequences, \\.

I wasted a whole day.

Code that throws a compile error

void check() {
    if (isFind("hoge.com")) {
        //Can't run

boolean isFind(String text) {
    //Compile error!!!!!
    Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\.com");
    return p.matcher(text).find();

Code that compiles

void check() {
    if (isFind("hoge.com")) {
        //Can be executed

boolean isFind(String text) {
    Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\.com");
    return p.matcher(text).find();

The point is that if you want to represent the escape sequence \ . in other languages, you need to write \\ .. The wording around here is confusing, so please refer to the comment section.

Matcher # group (int) is not available immediately

The group (int) method of the Matcher class throws a run-time error if you don't use the find () method.

That's because the find () method checks for a string match. The group (int) method is just the getter of the string matched by the find () method.

Code that throws a run-time error

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("(A*).");

void print() {

String extract(String text) {
    Matcher m = p.matcher(text);
    //Run-time error!!!!!
    return m.group(1);

Code that can be executed properly

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("(A*).");

void print() {
    System.out.println(extract(AAABBB)); //output: AAA

String extract(String text) {
    Matcher m = p.matcher(text);
    if (m.find()) {
        return m.group(1);
    } else {
        return "";

in conclusion

Regular expressions are written in very different languages. If you think you're good at one language, it will hurt, so be careful.

~~ Perl is so easy! ~~

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