[Vagrant] Prepare LAMP development environment with Vagrant (centos + apache + MySQL + PHP)

Leave it as a memo for yourself.


1. Vagrant Box download-mysql, apache, php installation

I searched for various things, but I think the one posted on Masaki Yamada's staff blog is the easiest and most polite, and even beginners can easily build it.

[(External site) Build "CentOS7 + LAMP environment" with VirtualBox + Vagrant](https://www.willstyle.co.jp/blog/2832/ "(External site) VirtualBox + Vagrant with" CentOS7 + LAMP environment " To build ")

If you follow the procedure, access and if PHPMyAdmin is displayed, the LAMP environment has been built properly for the time being. The default document root is / var / www / html.

In addition, CentOS time zone, mysql my.cnf adjustment, etc. are necessary, so I will explain how to adjust it later.

2. Adjustment etc.

Host OS side adjustment

Specify the specifications of the guest OS machine

If you like, add the following to your Vagrant file to adjust the guest OS specs.

Vagrant file

#* Additional information`Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|`Is inside.
  config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |vb|
    vb.cpus = 2
    vb.memory = 2048
    vb.gui = true

vb.gui = true is an option to display the guest OS screen. Maybe it's just me, but sometimes vagrant up fails, so I can't isolate the problem or investigate on the guest OS side without displaying the GUI, so I personally recommend setting it!

Guest OS side (CentOS side) adjustment

Switch to root for the time being before doing any further work.

sudo su - 
#Switch to root and the current directory/Become root

Adjust My.cnf in MySQL for multibyte support

Adjusted by referring to the following article. (Reference article) Make mysql handle Japanese

Set CentOS time zone to Japan

timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Tokyo

Update packages installed on CentOS

I think it will take a lot of time because there may be updates to the kernel etc.

yum update
# -Skip confirmation with y option

** * If you only need security update, do the following **

yum --security update


If you build up to this point, if things are not going well, you will be able to start from the box with LAMP built, so it is recommended to create a box file. (Reference) [Vagrant] Save the current OS image as a vagrant box and share it with other engineers.

that's all.

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