[JAVA] Part2 Part II. How to proceed with Getting Started Spring Boot Reference Guide Note ①

How to proceed with the manual

This time is Part 2. By the way, Part 1 is an overview, so you can skip it. Part2 Part II. Getting Started

Maven and gradle

You can choose either one, but Maven is recommended just for reading the manual. The explanation is basically centered on maven. However, if you look for articles etc., it seems that gradle will be the main in the future, so it is best to try both. At least you shouldn't skip the gradle part.

File creation location

10.2.6 Quick-start Spring CLI Example I will leave the part that I was wondering about doing the above items. The location where the file is created is not written, but if it is Windows, it is better in the user folder. Run spring run app.groovy to the folder where you created the file with cd folder name Do it after the move. (If you are in the user folder at the time of launching the command prompt, you do not need to move it)

The one annotated with @ RestController returns data such as a character string, so basically we are creating a program that simply returns" Hello, World! ".

Creating a POM file

Creating the POM

You should create a dedicated folder

After "Creating the POM", Maven is used to create a folder structure and load libraries, but if you create it in the user folder, multiple folders will be created and it will be messed up. At this stage, it is a good idea to create a folder with a name such as "spring-sample" in the user folder and use cd spring-sample to enter the folder and work on it.

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