[JAVA] [Spring Boot] How to refer to the property file


I had a hard time not knowing how to refer to the property file in Spring Boot, so I wrote it as an article. I think that you can understand it if you have enough knowledge to "Hello World" with Spring Boot.

Source and commentary

Prepare property file

Prepare the property file in src / main / resources through the classpath. The name of the property file can be anything.



Prepare a bean for the property file

Add @Component to make it a Bean (a class that can be Autowired). Specify the name of the property file with @PropertySource. Specify the property prefix with @ConfigurationProperties. Describe variables, setters and getters.


@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "hoge")
public class HogeConfig {
    private String foo;
	//setter getter omitted

Refer to the value of the property

Prepare the Controller and Service classes. Inject the bean prepared earlier with @Autowired. Call the getter of the injected bean.


public class HogeController {
    private HogeConfig hogeConfig;

    public String hoge() {
    	return hogeConfig.getFoo(); // foooooooo


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