[RUBY] I want to extract between character strings with a regular expression

It took a lot of time to extract between the character strings, so make a note.


The front and back of the character string are fixed, and the characters in between are extracted.

I want to extract the service name part from the file name and constants concatenated below

* Naming convention is service company_Service name_OPTION

pattern 1

Refer to here

puts $+


"$ +" Is a built-in variable of Ruby, and there are various other patterns. However, the following pattern 2 was used because there were some descriptions that it was deprecated.

Pattern 2

Refer to this gsub description



Pattern 3 (additional note)

How to comment from scivola



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I want to extract the character string between the regular expressions [Ruby] Write Kernel special variables without $ symbol as much as possible String --Ruby Reference Manual

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