[RUBY] Implement button transitions using link_to in Rails


What I want to implement this time is an implementation that gives a link to a button like the image below with the link_to method.


By clicking this'List'button, you can move to the link of the given product posting page.

There are two ways

There are two ways to implement this feature. I don't know why link_to is better ...

・ Description in a href element


<a href="path">
Description of listing images and text

・ Description with link_to


<%= link_to("URL") do %>
Write the HTML code here
<% end %>


The code written in this implementation is pasted as a reference example.


<div class='purchase-btn'>
  <span class='purchase-btn-text'>Sell</span>
  <%= link_to ("/products/new") do %>
    <%= image_tag 'camera.png' , size: '185x50' ,class: "purchase-btn-icon" %>
  <% end %>


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