[JAVA] Notes on how to write comments in English


Since the comments of the program are basically written in English, Make a note for yourself

Class header comment

Class of system that holds information

 * This class is used to hold the ***.

Class of system to provide

 * Provides ***.

Interface class

 * Defines a *** interface.
 * That any implementation of this interface can be used by inheritor's to handle a ***.

Method comment

Flag setting related

 * Sets flag indicating whether *** is ***.

Judgment relationship

 * Determines if *** is *** or not.
 * @return Returns {@code true} if *** is ***, {@code false} otherwise.

Judgment relationship 2

 * Checks whether the given *** can be ***.
 * @return Returns {@code true} if the given *** can be ***, {@code false} if they cannot be ***.

Relationship to get something

 * Gets the *** with the given {@code ***}.
 * @return Returns the ***. Returns {@code null} if *** doesn't have a specified ***.


enum system

 * Enumeration for ***.

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