[JAVA] Ebean.update () is not executed in the inherited model.

environment: playframework 2.5 ebean 7.6.1 Event: Update () is not executed for the inherited model.

The reason is that the setter set it to the inherited value. It will be executed if you set this. ~ Instead of super. ~. According to the specifications, the parent class had a field and was set at the inheritance destination. I think the destination where the setter is actually called and the value is set is the same. Why?


@Table(name = "member")
public class MemberDatas extends AbstractMemberDatas {
  public void setId(Long Id) {
    super.Id = Id;
  public void setMemberId(Long memberId) {
    super.memberId = memberId;

  public Long getId() {
    return Id;

  public Long getMemberId() {
    return memberId;


public abstract class AbstractSentenceDictDatas extends Model {

  @Column(name = "id")
  protected Long Id;

  @Column(name = "memberId")
  protected Long memberId;


Member member = new Member();

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