Xdebug on Docker doesn't work on M1 Macbook Pro


Docker Desktop (Preview): 0.0.0(1) OS: macOS Big Sur 11.1 IDE: PHPStorm

PHP: 7.2 Xdebug: 2.9.8


Normal Xdebug settings are omitted. The environment that is running on the existing (Intel Macbook) does not work.


The following error occurs in xdebug.log set in php.ini.

[71] Log opened at 2020-12-29 07:57:31
[71] I: Connecting to configured address/port: host.docker.internal:9005.
[71] W: Creating socket for 'host.docker.internal:9000', getaddrinfo: Invalid argument.
[71] E: Could not connect to client. :-(
[71] Log closed at 2020-12-29 07:57:36

Cause and solution

Docker official documentation listed as known issue: sweat:

The DNS name host.docker.internal only works if you add --add-host=host.docker.internal:host-gateway to the docker run command

The DNS name host.docker.internal cannot be used without adding --add-host = host.docker.internal: host-gateway to docker run.

If you do this with docker-compose,

      - "host.docker.internal:host-gateway"

I need to write.

Then, I found the following description in / etc/hosts in the container.    host.docker.internal

It works with this. .. .. It does not become.

E: Time-out connecting to client (Waited: 200 ms). :-(

It seems that the connection times out. .. ..

Apparently the container-> host (Mac) communication is not reaching.

As a result of various trials, it worked when I set host-gateway to my IP!

      - "host.docker.internal:192.168.xxx.xxx"

You can get your own IP on the terminal below.

ipconfig getifaddr en0

Future tasks

This is a solution. .. .. However, usually IP is automatically set by DHCP, and I want to change the IP dynamically. .. ..

Do you want to pack the IP into an environment variable so that it is read at build time, or write a script that rewrites the host in the container? .. ..

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