How to insert processing with any number of elements in iterative processing in Ruby

What to write in this article: pen_ballpoint:

~~ When I try to write a statement that determines whether a number is an integer in Ruby, I didn't come out of myself right away Output the contents as learning. ~~

About how to insert processing with an arbitrary number of elements in iterative processing Output as learning.

(Corrected because the processing and contents to be described are not suitable.: Bow :)

Divide the process according to whether it is a multiple of a specific number: decadeuous_tree:

pry(main)> test_num = 1
=> 1
pry(main)> test_num.to_f
=> 1.0
pry(main)> test_num.to_f.to_s.split('.')[1] == '0'
=> true

pry(main)> test_num2 = 1.05
=> 1.05
pry(main)> test_num2.to_f
=> 1.05
pry(main)> test_num2.to_f.to_s.split('.')[1] == '0'
=> false

(0..1000).to_a.each do |num|
  if num.fdiv(100).to_s.split('.')[1] == '0' && num != 0
    p 'Is a multiple of 100'

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