[RUBY] How to install ngrok

Development environment

macOS Catalina 10.15.7 Ruby 2.5.3 Rails 5.2.3


Since there was a scene where ngrok was used in business, I would like to summarize how to introduce ngrok.


How to use ngrok https://qiita.com/hirokisoccer/items/7033c1bb9c85bf6789bd

① Please download according to the OS from the link below.


(2) After downloading, unzip the zip file and place it in a directory that is easy for you to use. I put the file in/usr/local/bin, which is in my path, so that I can use it from anywhere on the command line.

(3) Execute the command described in Connect Connect your account on the link page below to add the auth token to the default ngrok.yml file.


Command to add auth token to ngrok.yml

$ ngrok authtoken ${token}

④ If you can complete steps up to ③ without any problems, start ngrok with the following command.

$ ngrok http ${Local port number (eg 3000 on Rails)}


You can start ngrok just by following the above steps. In addition, ngrok can easily publish the local environment to the outside via http/https, so I think it is good to actively utilize it.


How to use ngrok https://qiita.com/hirokisoccer/items/7033c1bb9c85bf6789bd

How to use ngrok to expose your local site to the outside world https://parashuto.com/rriver/tools/secure-tunneling-service-ngrok#features

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