Summary of how to use the proxy set in IE when connecting with Java

How to set in java, how to use it can be used automatically IE setting preferred proxy question HttpsUrlConnection

** 10 years ago Manned treatment was a problem, and the solution was completed.**

Installation below the test ①

  1. System.setProperty ("proxySet", "true");
  2. System.setProperty ("", "true");
  3. IE medium setting good deputy
  4. Program introduction

Registry (1) Unable, Registry and Registry

  1. Current User item: Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Internet Settings setting item, for the following three attribute settings.
  2. ProxyEnable: 0 ProxyHttp1.1: 1 ProxyOverride: [; ](Installed on my PC)

Relocation in jre /lib/

  1. In the process of retouching = false 冘 true
  2. At the time of the problem, there is a fundamental death.

IE sum eclipse superior proxy setting capital setting correct, java medium use not used this trivial proxy feeling

  1. ** Under this individual situation, the main problem is resolved, and the java is left behind.

(Renewal of possession ...)

2018/06/16 update -** jdk attribute use bug **

-- 12 years ago Same problem -- 9 years ago Manned scrutiny allowed

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Summary of how to use the proxy set in IE when connecting with Java
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