[JAVA] How to study kotlin for the first time ~ Part 1 ~

As many people have written, I would like to explain my study method and the time it took to learn it. I will write it for reference. The reference time is written a little longer.

--Program experience (experience as a business) --No solid object-oriented development experience --java no experience --No kotlin experience

First thing I did

I took a look at the Kotlin reference

Time required: 4 hours

Kotlin Koans

It didn't make sense at all and I was easily frustrated.

Do you want to start with java ... www

I became a disciple of Dot Install

Time required: 60 hours I learned the basic knowledge of java android. This is the basics, so I tried to understand it well. It was easy to understand because you can do it while moving your hands from the introduction.

--Introduction to java8 --Introduction to android application development --Introduction to android layout --Introduction to android list view () --Introduction to android database ()

When I think about it now, there are various notations for the (*) part. I think it was enough to remember it as a magic.

I took a class to make an app with java android

Time required: 40 hours Actually, the library and the current version have a newer way of writing. The emphasis here is on getting a feel.

I just googled for something I didn't understand. I skipped the ones that I couldn't understand even after searching for an hour, thinking that it was such a thing.

-[Old version] Let's make a stopwatch on Android -[Old version] Let's make a fortune app on Android --Let's make a first and last name diagnostic app on Android --Let's make a quiz app on Android --Let's make a web browser on Android --Let's make a memo app on Android

ʻIt doesn't take much time except to make a memo app on Android`. I learned a lot here because there is a database connection at the memo app

View open source

Time required about 8 hours fossdroid

Try moving the appropriate one here locally and write it like this-like I was allowed to refer to it. Dot Install can't cover all the apps, so you can use multiple apps. It's time to take a quick look and discover that "Oh, I can do this."

Practice 1

Time required 90 hours

At this point, it is possible to create an android application that actually works. Let's see it. However, the code is dirty. But at this stage you don't have to worry about it at all. Decide what you want to make and make it appropriately. The goal is to move the app. I don't care about test code at this stage w

java ends here

Impressions so far

I feel like I've used it for about 200 hours in total. The thing to note is that up to this point, you should "move your hands for the time being" to get a feel for it.

There are some difficult syntaxes (annotations, lambda expressions, etc.), I think you'll be frustrated as soon as you touch it now. It feels good to be able to "actually move what you think".

We'll get into Kotlin in the next chapter, but if you do this far, you'll get into it smoothly. Let's learn difficult syntax from now on ★ Let's do our best! !!

Following section First-time kotlin study method-Part 2-

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