[Ruby] How to implement ranking function with Rails

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Previously, I implemented the ranking function by referring to this article of Qiita (Rapid ranking function) was. I was able to implement it safely, but I faced the following problems.

It doesn’t work when combined with the pagination feature of # kaminari!

@posts = Post.find(Like.group(:post_id).order('count(post_id) desc').pluck(:post_id)).page(params[:page])

When combined with kaminari’s page method, the result is as above, but with this, the following error occurs. Screenshot 2020-08-04 16.58.47.png

Therefore, we will introduce a ranking function that does not have a problem even when combined with the page method.


  • Article table name is posts
  • Like table names are likes
  • You have already implemented the Like function and have an association between posts and likes

Implementation of ranking function

@posts = Post.joins(:likes).group(:post_id).order('count(post_id) desc')

This is OK! I will explain one by one.

Post.joins(:likes) Inner join #posts table and likes table
group(:post_id) # divide the group into those with the same post_id
order('count(post_id) desc') # sort it in order of most post_id

This completes the ranking function. As shown below, even if the page method is added to the end of the code, no error occurs and I think the pagination function is working.

@posts = Post.joins(:likes).group(:post_id).order('count(post_id) desc').page(params[:page])


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