How to set the display time to Japan time in Rails

Thing you want to do

I want to change the posting time from international standard time to Japan time

Before change (GMT standard time) ▼ Screenshot from Gyazo After change (Japan time) ▼ Screenshot from Gyazo

How to set

--Added the description of config.time_zone ='Tokyo' in config / application.rb


#↑ Codes before this are omitted
module App
  class Application < Rails::Application
    config.time_zone = 'Tokyo'

--If the server is up, shut it out and start it up again

** This will be displayed in Japan time, but the format needs to be changed separately **

--Use the strftime method to apply the method to the part where you want to change the display format.


#Below is a sample
<td><%= @tweet.created_at.strftime('%Y year%m month%d day%H o'clock%M minutes') %></td>

How to define conversion methods

** What to do: Define format conversion in Initialize **

--Create a file called time_formats.rb under config / initializers --Time :: DATE_FORMATS [: datetime_jp] ='% Y year% m month% d day% H hour% M minute'


Time::DATE_FORMATS[:datetime_jp] = '%Y year%m month%d day%H o'clock%M minutes'

--Write .to_s (: datetime_jp]) in the part you want to use (in the view file) and use it.


#Below is a sample
<td><%= @tweet.created_at.to_s(:datetime_jp) %></td>

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