[Ruby] I want to extract between the character strings with a regular expression

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I took some time to extract the space between the strings, so take a note.


The front and back of the character string are fixed, and the characters between

I want to extract the service name part from the file name or constant that concatenates the following

*The naming convention is Service Company_Service Name_OPTION

pattern 1

Reference here

puts $+


”$+” is a built-in variable of Ruby, and there are various other patterns [https://techracho.bpsinc.jp/hachi8833/2017_01_31/33351). However, since it was found that there was a description of deprecation, the following pattern 2 was used.

pattern 2

Reference this gsub description



Pattern 3 (Additional)

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I want to extract the character string between regular expressions Try to write special variables of [Ruby] Kernel without $ sign as much as possible String-Ruby Reference Manual