[Java] Install on Lombok Mac (use STS)

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Install Lombok on SpringToolSuite4. I would like to make a note when using Lombok with STS of MAC.

① Download from the official website https://projectlombok.org/download Screenshot 2020-08-09 16.54.44.png

② Install the download file (lombok.jar) in the installation location of SpringToolSuite4 /Applications/SpringToolSuite4.app/Contents/MacOS/ Place here Screenshot 2020-08-09 17.00.15.png

③ Start lombok.jar and install (If there is no installation destination in the list, press the [Specify location] button and select the target) Installation location: /Applications/SpringToolSuite4.app/Contents/Eclipse/eclipse.ini After selection: click install/Update and then click Quit Installer

Screenshot 2020-08-09 17.03.17.png When the installation is completed, lombok will be in the sts folder. The installation is complete.