[Java] Introduction to Programming for College Students: Getting Started Installing Processing

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In this series, you will learn programming using the software called Processing. Processing is required to actually run the described program. This document describes how to install Processing and a simple operation check.

Download & install

Processing is distributed at processing.org. Free software.

When you access http://processing.org, the following screen will appear.

Top page of Processing.org

Now click on the “Download” part on the left side to download and install the file that suits your computer.

Launch #Processing After the installation is completed, let’s start Processing. When Processing starts up, you will see the following screen (the image is for Mac).

Processing started

The display of the title bar of the window will change depending on the installed version.

Enter the program in this window and click the Run button to run the Processing program. In this series “Introduction to Programming for Art Students”, enter the program in this window, press the Run button, and the program will work correctly. We will check whether or not there is any.

Processing operation check

At the end of this section, let’s check if the installed Processing is working properly. Processing can be executed without inputting any program. Try clicking the Run button without entering any program.

It may take some time, but if the following window is displayed, you can judge that the installed Processing is operating normally for the time being.

Image of the window when nothing is entered

If you can confirm the operation of Processing safely, this section is over. Thank you for your hard work.