java (polymorphism)


"Capture the instance vaguely" Instances can be assigned to variables of parent class type if the is-a relationship is established by inheritance.

SuperHero h = new SuperHero();

Regular SuperHero instance

Character c = new SuperHero();

Premise that the parent class of the SuperHero class has Character

Assigning an instance to a box of ambiguous type

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Wizard w = new Wizard();
    Character c = w;             //Put in a Character type box
    Matango m = new Matango(); = "Wizard";
    c.attack(m);                 //Can be called
    c.fireball(m);               //Get an error

・ Forget that the contents of the box (Character c) is Wizard ・ Only attack () can be called because other characters have attack. (Assuming that every character has attack ()) -The reason why fireball () could not be called is that another character does not have fireball () (because it does not necessarily have it), so an error occurs. ・ I can say for sure that the box contains only one type of character

How to forcibly call Wizard (downcast)

Character c = new Wizard();
Wizard w = c;                   //Get an error

Because the program is interpreted and translated line by line, c on the second line cannot be determined as Wizard.

Character c = new Wizard();
Wizard w = (Wizard)c;           //Instruct forced type conversion

Processing that works when a method can be called

** The Slime (child) class inherits the Monster (parent) class ** Monster System.out.println ("Monster escaped."); Slime System.out.println ("Slime has escaped.");

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) { 
    Slime s = new Slime();
    Monster m = new Slime();;;

Execution result The slime escaped as a result of () The slime escaped as a result of () The actual result depends on the type of contents (Slime ()), the type of box (Monster m) is not related to the result

Downcast failure (ClassCastException)

Character c = new Wizard();
Hero h = (Hero)c;                        

Compiles successfully, but fails when running Because it is a "lie composition"

Determine if you can cast safely (instanceof operator)

if(c instanceof Wizard) {  //If the contents of c can be regarded as Wizard
Wizard w = (Wizard)c;      //Think of it as a Wizard;

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