Programming with ruby (on the way)

Is the output

I am programming using ruby by making use of what I learned last time.

I'm still in the middle of it, but this time I would like to make a profit calculation for the store I learned from MUP. Actually, the plan to finish it quickly seems to be long enough to make a plan. .. ..

For the time being, the following is on the way

def input_data(total_datas)
  puts "Please enter the store name"
    store_name = gets.chomp
  puts "Weekday lunch guests"
    weekday_lunch_guest = gets.to_i
  puts "Weekday dinner guests"
    weekday_dinner_guest = gets.to_i
  puts "Number of guests for holiday lunch"
    weekend_lunch_guest = gets.to_i
  puts "Number of guests for holiday dinner"
    weekday_dinner_guest = gets.to_i
  puts "Weekday lunch customer unit price"
    weekday_lunch_guest_price = gets.to_i
  puts "Weekday dinner customer unit price"
    weekday_dinner_guest_price = gets.to_i
  puts "Holiday lunch customer unit price"
    weekend_lunch_guest_price = gets.to_i
  puts "Holiday dinner customer unit price"
    weekend_dinner_guest_price = gets.to_i
  puts "Weekday business days"
    weekday_business = gets.to_i
  puts "Holiday business days"
    weekend_business = gets.to_i
  puts "Lunch cost"
    lunch_cost = gets.to_i
  puts "Dinner cost"
    dinner_cost = gets.to_i
  puts "Please enter the rent"
    rent = gets.to_i
  puts "Please enter the utility bill"
    utility_cost = gets.to_i
  puts "Please enter the labor cost"
    saraly = gets.to_i
  puts "Please enter your monthly purchase"
    stocking = gets.to_i

  total_data = {store_name: store_name, weekday_lunch_guest: weekday_lunch_guest, weekday_dinner_guest: weekday_dinner_guest, weekend_lunch_guest: weekend_lunch_guest, weekday_dinner_guest: weekday_dinner_guest, weekday_lunch_guest_price: weekday_lunch_guest_price,  weekday_dinner_guest_price:  weekday_dinner_guest_price, weekend_lunch_guest_price: weekend_lunch_guest_price, weekend_dinner_guest_price: weekend_dinner_guest_price, weekday_business: weekday_business, weekend_business: weekend_business, lunch_cost: lunch_cost, dinner_cost: dinner_cost, rent: rent, utility_cost: utility_cost, saraly: saraly, stocking: stocking}

  total_datas << total_data

def show_store(total_datas)
  total_datas.each_with_index do |total_data, i|
    puts "[#{i}]: #{total_data[:store_name]}"

  puts "Please enter the number you want to check."
  input = gets.to_i
  total_data = total_datas[input]

  if total_data
    puts "There is no corresponding number."

def show_data(total_data)

def end_program

def exception
  puts "The value entered is an invalid value"

total_datas = []

while true do
  puts "Please enter the number"
  puts "[0]Register the store"
  puts "[1]Refer to the data"
  puts "[2]Quit the app"
    input = gets.to_i

  if input == 0 then
  elsif input == 1 then
  elsif input == 2 then

with show_data (total_data) I would like to create something like calculating the numerical values of the values in the hash one by one and finally making a profit forecast. Well, Excel is quicker, but lol

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