[Rails] About active hash

What is Active Hash?

A gem that allows you to manipulate hashed values in the same way as Active Record Convenient because you can also paste Relation

Basic usage

You can write as follows


class Plan < ActiveHash::Base
  self.data = [
    {id: 1, name: "free"},
    {id: 2, name: "silver"},
    {id: 3, name: "gold"},

class Plan < ActiveHash::Base
  self.data = [
    {id => 1, name => "free"},
    {id => 2, name => "silver"},
    {id => 3, name => "gold"},

class Plan < ActiveHash::Base
  fields :name
  add id: 1, name: "free"
  add id: 2, name: "silver"
  add id: 3, name: "gold"


=> #<Plan:0x00007ffd3d2c43f8 @attributes={:id=>1, :name=>"free"}>

If you describe the following in the model to which you want to paste the relation, you can manipulate the data using the association. There is nothing to add to the model side of ActiveHash
extend ActiveHash::Associations::ActiveRecordExtensions
belongs_to_active_hash :Active Hash model name

reference https://qiita.com/DON4024/items/78edb7a309ee96766952 https://qiita.com/Toman1223/items/8633142312bfa886d50b

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