[Rails] Japanese localization of error messages


Here are the steps to translate the Rails application error message into Japanese. The following message is output when there is no input or incompleteness on the settlement screen.



Ruby 2.6. Ruby on Rails 6.0.0


① Described in config / application.rb

module Pictweet
 class Application < Rails::Application
   # Initialize configuration defaults for originally generated Rails version.
   config.load_defaults 6.0

   #Japanese language setting
   config.i18n.default_locale = :ja

② Described in gemfile

gem ‘rails-i18n'

Execute bundle install

③ Copy the code of the following URL to config / locales / devise.en.yml https://github.com/tigrish/devise-i18n/blob/master/rails/locales/ja.yml

④ Create ja.yml in config / locales


With this description, Nickname, Text and Image will be translated into Japanese!

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