[Java] Road to Java Engineer Part2 What kind of language is Java?

1 minute read

Good evening. Even today, I work as a basic information engineer until dinner and learn Java until I go to bed.

As an aside, learning basic information engineers “It’s fun to write code…!” I feel that (lol)

Of course it’s exciting to know something new, but I’m regularly sleepy (laughs). When I think back, I might have never been sleepy because I wrote the code.

So, let’s really easily summarize what kind of language Java is today.

Features of Java ~ 4 major! ~

① OS independent!

It can be said that it is a highly versatile language that can create web applications and financial systems.

② Object-oriented

A class-based language as well as a scripting language such as Ruby. However, it seems that it is a language with a high degree of freedom that can be described in the style of procedural programming like C language rather than a strict object oriented language like script language such as multiple inheritance.

③ Compiler language that requires compilation!

I think that I don’t have much knowledge about this area when I enter from Ruby. Compiling seems to be faster than scripting languages. Compiling is simply translating the code into its binary representation.

④ The learning cost is a little high

Compared to C language etc., the difficulty level is often lower, but I think that there are many descriptions if you do it after touching Ruby or Python (laugh)

That means… It’s really just a touch to learn, but I think I could get a feel for it when I started learning about the differences and mechanisms of other languages. Also, if there are any points that you are interested in as you continue to study, I would like to summarize several times!