Road to Java Engineer Part2 What kind of language is Java?

Good evening. Today as well, I am working on learning basic information engineers until dinner, and learning Java until I go to bed.

As an aside, I was learning a basic information engineer "It's fun to write code ...!" I realize that (laughs)

Of course, it's exciting to know new things, but I get drowsy on a regular basis (laughs). Looking back, I might never get sleepy after writing the code.

With that said, let's really briefly summarize what Java is like today.

Java features ~ 4 major! ~

① It does not depend on the OS!

It can be said that it is a highly versatile language that can create web applications and systems such as finance.

② Object-oriented

A class-based language similar to scripting languages such as Ruby. However, it is not a strict object-oriented language like script languages, such as not being able to inherit multiple times, but it seems to be a language with a large degree of freedom that can be described in a procedural programming style like C language.

③ A compiler language that requires compilation!

I think that the knowledge of this area is shallow when entering from Ruby etc. By compiling, the process seems to be faster than the scripting language. Compiling is simply translating the code into a binary representation.

④ Learning cost is a little high

Compared to C language etc., the difficulty level is often lower, but even so, if you do it after touching Ruby or Python, I think that there are many descriptions (laugh)

So ...

It's really just a touch of knowledge, but I think I was able to grasp the atmosphere at the beginning of learning, such as differences and mechanisms from other languages. Also, if there are any points that you are interested in while studying, I would like to summarize them several times!

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