[Ruby] Ruby on Rails application new command

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Create new application

The command to create the application is rails new application name

Example: rails new myapp

Option specification

Options can be specified when creating a new application.

Rails version specification

When creating an application by specifying the version rails version new application name

Example: rails _5.2.3_ new myapp

Database specification

To create an application by specifying a database rails new application name -d database type

Example: rails new myapp -d mysql

If no database is specified, the database will default to sqlite.

do not create test

If you want to create an application without creating a test rails new application name -T

do not create .gitignore file

If you want to create the application without creating a .gitignore file rails new application name -G

Other options

There are various options other than the above. The following command will display help and you can see all optional commands and their contents. rails new -h