The story that the build error did not stop when using Eclipse 2020

The other day, when I was developing a Java Spring team, two team members including myself got the same error and became almost inoperable. I do not know the root cause, but from the conclusion it seems that it was a phenomenon that occurs only in the latest version of eclipse.



If an automatic build is performed in a situation where a compile error such as a reference to an object outside the scope or a reference error of a static member occurs, the build error will be repeated as shown below. It doesn't stop until you restart Eclipse or remove Java builder from project properties → builder [^ 1]. [^ 1]: This makes the IDE just a notepad. スクリーンショット 2020-07-07 17.13.52.png

For error details 'Errors running builder'Java Builder' on project' Somehow project'. Java.lang.NullPointerException' In other words, "a nullpo occurred while the Java builder was running."

Actions tried

--Git clone again after permanently removing the project from the workspace --Change JDK version --Rebuild & reinstall dependencies

All were useless.


Dropped Eclipse version to 2019_12.

It's just this, but the build error no longer appears even though it is the exact same project. Both members are in the same situation, so I think it's probably an IDE bug. I couldn't find an article that solved a similar error, so I'll share it.

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