Time taken to acquire Java SE11 Silver, teaching materials used

Exam outline

The Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Silver SE 11 certification is a qualification for beginners who have the basic programming knowledge required for Java application development and can perform development work under the guidance of advanced users. The purpose is to evaluate not only everyday programming skills, but also the ability to respond to situations that occur in various projects. To qualify for the Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Silver SE 11 certification, you must pass the Java SE 11 Programmer I (1Z0-815-JPN) exam (certification pass). Quote: link

Synopsis until the exam

After graduating from graduate school, I got a job at a major manufacturer and seemed to be able to lead a stable life, but I could not find any pleasure in my work and retired. When I started learning programming, which I had been interested in for some time, I forgot the time and was absorbed in it. Then he decided to change jobs to an engineer and started studying Java in earnest. I decided to take the Oracle Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Silver SE 11, which is evaluated to some extent in my career change activities.

Teaching materials used

  1. A refreshing introduction to Java: Needless to say, an introductory book. First of all, I read this 3 laps. It's better to actually write the code, but I rarely write it. It was just a study method to read.
  2. Purple book: Purchased the first silver exam preparation book. To be honest, it's hard to understand, but I'll do my best to read it for two weeks. I don't think I needed to look back now, but there are tables that can be used, and it was useful in some parts. If I couldn't understand the black book, I used the purple book.
  3. Kuromoto: This is also a well-known masterpiece. I did 2 laps and went 3 laps only where I made a mistake on the 2nd lap. The image that the exam had about half of the questions with the same contents as this book. I don't think the passing score will be so difficult if you do this. The final total finishing problem should definitely be done. I didn't do the mock exam until just before, but I shouldn't have considered it as a finishing concept because there are a lot of things that I haven't written in each chapter so far. As with each chapter, this should be done three laps.

Study time

I haven't measured it accurately, but I've been learning Java for about 3 months. I didn't know about the qualifications, so I was just killing time, but during this period I was able to understand clearly for two weeks. After that, I started studying in earnest to acquire the qualification. Since I continued studying for about 2 hours a day for about 2 months, I learned about 60 hours.

Test results

Passed. The passing score was 64%, but passed with 78%. I don't think this is a good result.


After studying the basics and systematically understanding Java to some extent, it seems possible to pass in a shorter time if you just go through the black book. However, I think it depends on whether the purpose is to pass the exam or to be able to use Java. In my personal opinion, I think it's okay to aim for qualification once. Because I was learning for the purpose of acquiring qualifications from the middle, but after acquiring the qualifications, I personally wrote a little code, but I was able to output what I learned even relatively. First of all, it seems that there is no problem with the feeling of getting a qualification.

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