[Java] Use PlantUML with Visual Studio Code

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Preference is important

  • Install JAVA and set PATH Setting the path of Oracle Java https://java.com/ja/download/win10.jsp (I also installed Java SE Development Kit 14 [2])

  • Run Graphviz .msi without changing the installation location (https://www2.graphviz.org/Packages/stable/windows/10/ ), then set PATH image.png Set the value up to dot.exe with the variable name of GRAPHVIZ_DOT

Install VSC Plugin PlantUML jebbs 2.13 image.png

image.png I have not changed anything in the settings, but be careful not to put extra things in sttting.json

  • It took 14:40 to 19:40, so I made trial and error for about 5 hours.

References [1] https://proengineer.internous.co.jp/content/columnfeature/5205 [2] https://eng-entrance.com/java-install-jdk-windows