What a beginner did to understand Object Orientation

What I did to understand Object Orientation

--Review of basic Java grammar --Read through the reference book --Introduction to Java that you can understand clearly 2nd edition

What is Object-oriented in the first place?

In the reference book, it was stated as follows. "Object-oriented is ** the concept of componentization used when developing software **."   However, I think it is difficult to understand if it is just a component. So, in order to understand object-oriented programming, I went through these steps.

  1. Benefits of using Object Orientation
  2. Understanding the essence of object orientation
  3. Three major Object-oriented functions

1. Benefits of using Object Orientation

Simply put, it's easy to develop. For example, if you use Object Orientation when implementing the same multiple times, you only need to do it once. In addition, because the structure is easy for us to understand, we can reduce mistakes even in complicated contents. You will be able to implement it.

Object-oriented "Applying a virtual world created by programming to the real world" Is the biggest merit.

Therefore, "It is suitable for team development because it can reduce development time and implementation omissions." I think you should think about it.

2. Understanding the essence of object orientation

In writing I will write it from time to time. ..

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