27-year-old story of becoming a development engineer from inexperienced programming

My name is Ryochin.

This article is what you need to do to become a web engineer! The theme is!

The other day, I got a chance to become an engineer because of my inexperience in the industry. A 27-year-old boy who sold screws for his previous job. I'm in the trial period now, but I'm really happy to be able to program in practice. For those who are thinking about learning programming from now on, how can I become an engineer? Is it easy to become an engineer? Those who are about to be danced by online articles. Lol

Please read it! !! Being an engineer is not that sweet! !!

By the way, I will work for a company that currently focuses on providing systems with Kintone. I mainly use JavaScript. Therefore, in the future, we will mainly send information around Kintone and JavaScript.

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That's the main subject! What should I do to become an engineer from inexperienced?

To conclude first, it means "to differentiate". For example, portfolio. I often see "I made it with Rails, I use Docker, CircleCI. I wrote a test with Rspec. The view is Slim. The production environment was built with AWS." About two years ago, the above content might have said "I'm doing my best! Hiring!", But now it's natural to be able to do this. That is the situation. If you have a good academic background and your current employer is a first-class company, I think you can change jobs to an engineer even with the above contents. But people like me who don't have a lot of education and have a normal work history (no, less than normal? Many job changes ...) are probably tough. This area is also described by RUNTEQ "About the amount of learning required to become a Web engineer at an in-house service development company from inexperienced" It is listed in different levels.

Then tell me how to differentiate

understood. Well, I think that the hiring side also sees personality and motivation, so if I think that I will learn from the beginning, I think I will also focus on implementing "Single Page Application". For that, you'll learn either React or Vue.js. As of July 2020, I don't think there are many inexperienced people who are working hard to implement this area. For example, when you look at Wantedly's job listings, the skills you are looking for are often written, so I think you can think of areas to learn from them.

By the way, I don't recommend messing around with various programming languages.

Although the writing style is different for object-oriented languages, there are many similarities in the internal mechanism and way of thinking, so I think it will be easier to understand other languages later if you focus on one of them.

The following is what I have learned. The following plus "Potepan Camp" curriculum. I don't think the learning content is sufficient, but if it helps. --Progate (HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery Python PHP Ruby Ruby on Rails Command Line Git) 200 hours --Site replication (isara, Potepan camp) 100 hours --Rails Tutorial (4 weeks) 240 hours --Book "Technology Supporting the Web" 25 Hours --Book "Introduction to Ruby for Professionals" 80 Hours --Book "Ruby on Rails 5 Quick Learning Practice Guide" 90 hours --Book "Database Technology" 25 hours --Book "Readable Code" 10 hours --Book "SQL Anti-Patterns" 25 Hours --Book "Ruby on Rails 6 Practical Guide" 20 hours ――Book "Network & Server Construction from Basics Revised 3rd Edition" 20 hours ――Book "The mechanism of IT infrastructure that can be seen in the picture [new edition]" 20 hours

It seems that many people think that they want to work for a so-called web engineer (in-house development) if they are inexperienced (it feels fashionable and cool!), But the hurdle in this corona vortex is high. There is a need for people with practical experience who can play an active role in actual battles. I think it is important to differentiate yourself by learning techniques that are different from those around you!

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