[Java] Download and install Eclipse (Java) (Mac version)

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First, click on the site of Japanese localization plugins such as Pleiades-Eclipse, IntelliJ.

Screenshots 2020-06-07 22.22.31.png

Click to go to this screen. Click on the latest Eclipse 2020.

Screenshot 2020-06-07 22.22.50.png

Then click Mac 64bit, full Edition.

Screenshots 2020-06-07 22.23.18.png

When the download is completed, the file pleiades-e4.4-java-64bit-jre_2020-03.zip will be created in the download folder.

Install You can install it by expanding pleiades-e4.4-java-64bit-jre_2020-03.zip.

A shortcut cannot be created, so create a shortcut of “Installed folder\pleiades\ecripse\ecripse.exe” on the desktop.