Compare objects in Swift

I reviewed it many times and felt that I didn't really think about it, so I will write it as a memorandum.

Use Equatable

You can use Equtable to compare objects in Swift.

Purpose of use

For example, I think it is effective when you give two arguments to a structure and want to compare with only one argument.


・ I want to judge a blue apple and a red apple as the same apple. ・ The information given is the name and color.

//Equatable ensures that objects can be compared
struct Fruit: Equatable {
    var name: String
    var color: String
    //When you want to get the result by judging only the name
    static func == (lhs: Fruit, rhs: Fruit) -> Bool {
        return ==

let gApple = Fruit(name: "Apple", color: "green")
let rApple = Fruit(name: "Apple", color: "red")

var result = gApple == rApple

print(result) // output: true


It's pretty rough, but I'd like to add it if there is a specific use.

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