Install Ruby on MSYS2 with pacman

Steps to manually install Ruby later in your existing MSYS2 environment

Operating environment

Windows10 Home Edition


Update installed packages

#Package database update
$ pacman -Sy

#Update installed packages to the latest version
$ pacman -Suu

If you get the following warning, close the MSYS2 shell with the close button, reboot and run pacman -Suu again.

warning:Please close MSYS2 and check for updates again before returning to the shell
warning:Instead of calling exit, for example close the terminal window

Install toolchain (gcc)

$ pacman -S base-devel
$ pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain

installation of ruby

$ pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-ruby

Operation check

$ ruby --version
ruby 2.7.1p83 (2020-03-31 revision a0c7c23c9c) [x64-mingw32]

$ gem --version

$ gem list --local
benchmark (default: 0.1.0)
bigdecimal (default: 2.0.0)
bundler (default: 2.1.4)
cgi (default: 0.1.0)
csv (default: 3.1.2)
date (default: 3.0.0)
dbm (default: 1.1.0)
delegate (default: 0.1.0)
did_you_mean (default: 1.4.0)
etc (default: 1.1.0)
fcntl (default: 1.0.0)
fiddle (default: 1.0.0)
fileutils (default: 1.4.1)
forwardable (default: 1.3.1)
gdbm (default: 2.1.0)
getoptlong (default: 0.1.0)
io-console (default: 0.5.6)
ipaddr (default: 1.2.2)
irb (default: 1.2.3)
json (default: 2.3.0)
logger (default: 1.4.2)
matrix (default: 0.2.0)
minitest (5.13.0)
mutex_m (default: 0.1.0)
net-pop (default: 0.1.0)
net-smtp (default: 0.1.0)
net-telnet (0.2.0)
observer (default: 0.1.0)
open3 (default: 0.1.0)
openssl (default: 2.1.2)
ostruct (default: 0.2.0)
power_assert (1.1.7)
prime (default: 0.1.1)
pstore (default: 0.1.0)
psych (default: 3.1.0)
racc (default: 1.4.16)
rake (13.0.1)
rdoc (default: 6.2.1)
readline (default: 0.0.2)
readline-ext (default: 0.1.0)
reline (default: 0.1.3)
rexml (default: 3.2.3)
rss (default: 0.2.8)
sdbm (default: 1.0.0)
singleton (default: 0.1.0)
stringio (default: 0.1.0)
strscan (default: 1.0.3)
test-unit (3.3.4)
timeout (default: 0.1.0)
tracer (default: 0.1.0)
uri (default: 0.10.0)
webrick (default: 1.6.0)
xmlrpc (0.3.0)
yaml (default: 0.1.0)
zlib (default: 1.1.0)


-MSYS2 / MinGW-w64 (64bit / 32bit) installation procedure memo -How to update the correct package in MSYS2 --Qiita -Install Ruby 2.4 + Rails 5.0.2 in Windows environment with RubyInstaller2 --Qiita

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