Setting method to link Java of Eclipse and Github / September 2017


It will be a simple setting memo of the title. We will update it from time to time, so please let us know if you have any questions.

Let's open Eclipse and Github and proceed.

Check secure storage

Press the Window button ▼ Settings ▼ Security ▼ Secure storage ▼ Contents ▼ Default secure storage ▼

Whether "-GIT" is displayed If not, it is necessary to link Git, so proceed with the following settings.

See team composition (Git)

Window ▼ Settings ▼ Team ▼Git ▼ Composition

Whether there is a value to connect to Git If not, I will write it directly.

Key value
email ([email protected])
name (---gitname)


Make a copy of any repository URL on Github and make a note of it

Associate the Github repository with the Eclipse folder

Buttons associated with Git (buttons like the table to the left of the Java button on the upper right) ▼Git ▼ Application close

Select repository source (third from [-]) button ▼ Duplicate URI Paste the Git URL into the URI of the location ▼ Next

With the flow so far, the Github repository and the folder have been linked.

Right click on the created folder ▼ Project import ▼ Import as a general project ▼ Next Done

Window ▼ Settings ▼ Reset perspective

Since the [○○○○ master] folder appears, you can see that it is linked with Github.

Upload github.txt created with eclipse to Github

Right click on the [master] folder ▼ New ▼ File ▼ This time, the file name is "github.txt" here. Enter and complete

Right click on the repository folder ▼ Team ▼ Pull

▼ Team ▼ Commit (Write a commit message) Commit and push

スクリーンショット 2017-09-27 10.55.26.png

Enter the user name and password when entering Github (No check box) OK

Up to this point, it will be uploaded by linking to Github.

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