[RUBY] About methods often used in devise


I posted about the introduction of devise before, so this time I will focus on the methods that can be handled by devise.

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I tried to summarize the devise that was difficult at first sight Continued, I tried to summarize the difficult devise at first sight

user_signed_in? method

Determines if the user is signed in and returns a boolean value.

It is often used with an if statement when you want to change what you want to display between users who are signed in and users who are not. For example, "Logout" for users who are signed in, "Sign in" for users who are not signed in, etc.

authenticate_user! method

Transit users who are not logged in to the login page screen. Often described in the controller as before_action. Even if a user who is not logged in directly enters the url, the transition can be made.

current_user method

You can get the id of the signed-in user with current_user.id. It is often used to collate users who are signed in with users who have posted items.

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