[RUBY] Summary of rails validation (for myself)


This time, I will summarize the validation that was packed in implementing Rails test code.

What is validation?

Generally, it is an English word used to judge the validity of verification, verification, etc. In IT, it is used to verify whether grammar etc. are written properly.

Commonly used Rails validation

:presence Used to verify that it is not empty.

How to use
validates :item presence: true

By doing this, if you post a new item, you will not be able to post it if it is left blank.

Error message

In the case of: presence, ["○○ can`t be blank"] is set by default.

numericality It is often used when the column type is set to integer. Use by specifying only numerical values.

How to use
validates :price, numericality: true

The presence and usage are mainly the same.

length Validation that can limit the length

How to use
validate :price, presence: true, length: {maximum: 7}

This will limit the length. Often used with options such as maximum and minimum.

There are still more, but I used these three this time

Referenced articles

Rails documentation (https://railsdoc.com/validation)


This will be my first post. I want to continue.

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